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Machine model CNC 3 Achsen 4000 x 2000 x 250 mm
Year of construction New
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CNC 3 Achsen 4000 x 2000 x 250 mm

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Technical data

x-travel 4000 mm
y-travel 2000 mm
z-travel 250 mm
performance of pump (flushing) 37 kW


Control: Siemens PLC Touch Screen directly usable DXF files

Outlet pressure: max. 5500 bar

Abrasive conveyor system for water jet cutting systems - filling weight 350 kg

OMAX vacuum sensor for monitoring the abrasive supply to the nozzle

Pump pressure control sensor

With water jet cutting, water is compressed at a pressure of up to 5500 bar. Depending on the requirements and the workpiece, this is then pressed through a nozzle with a diameter of 0.01 to 0.08 mm. Since water jet technology processes materials without heat input, there are no deformations.

By adding an abrasive, water jet cutting enables maximum precision with tolerances of +/- 0.01 mm. Our flexible production allows vertical as well as diagonal cuts. We would be happy to receive your individual CAD data. The water jet technology offers great advantages for industry, trade and individual prototype production. Water cutting technology is also a plus point for the environment, as it works dust- and steam-free and also saves material.

Waterjet Cutting: Example Gallery

What sounds impressive in theory is even more impressive on the finished object. We have put together a selection of images to demonstrate our waterjet cutting capabilities. Click through the photos in the example gallery and get an impression of what is possible with this modern processing method. Waterjet will also find the right solution for your order!


No deformations in the cutting area

Cutting without heat input

Material saving

High precision: +/- 0.1mm

Cutting area: x = 3010 mm; y = 2010mm; Z=250mm

Flexible manufacturing

Vertical and oblique cuts

Adoption of your CAD data formats: DXF, DWG, iges, stp, step, prt, jpt, jam

Environmentally friendly, vapor and dust free

We cut everything

All materials brought into shape




Copper & Bronze

Other precious metals


Granite & Marble



Promat cuts





Oil cooler                                                         € 10,725.00

Water filter system                                           €   1,430.00

Sludge suction system                                     € 10,725.00

Professional water treatment system               € 10,725.00

An oil cooler must be present when commissioning!!!

So you can work longer than 1 hour.


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